Yoga teacher, wellness facilitator 

Hi, I'm Emily!

I started Fearless Yoga to help beginners build their confidence through yoga on and off the mat.


Fear can hold us back from doing things; the fear of trying yoga, of going to your first class, of getting into a headstand, of failing or of what others may think.  


I hope to inspire you to be comfortable enough to attend your first physical class, start your own practice or continue practicing online.

My aim is to help you fear-less in yoga and in life.


Practice With Me Online

Flow with me every Wednesday 7-8 pm via Zoom.

A gentle flow suitable for all abilities.

From my home to yours.

Free Downloads

Guides featuring what to expect at your first yoga class, how-tos, buying guides and more!

"I have attended Emily's yoga classes consistently over the period of the pandemic. What I love about the classes is how each of them is unique and thought out. It is clear that Emily does a lot of research to link her classes to specific affirmations which also leads to relaxation. I will be continuing to attend!"


"Having attended various yoga classes, what I enjoy most about Emily's the most is her inclusivity. I find it is very easy for the instructor to not consider each student's physical ability, as I cannot achieve many of the poses due to physical impairment. Emily always accommodates the poses in order to make me feel included in her beautiful work and when I finish one of her classes it's as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am ready to conquer the world. All-round wonderful instructor"